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A Builder "XT"...
"I have a passion for building and creating things with my hands. As long as I have my health, I have to keep busy. The catch is though, I want to do what I want to do, the way I want to do it!"
John Coleman
This website was written and is "under construction" by John's admiring brother-in-law, because John would never tell all of this about himself!
(Ray Thompson)
John's passion for building began in college as he earned a degree in Industrial Arts from North Texas University in 1952. In 1953 he arrived in Carlsbad, New Mexico to take a teaching job. He met another young school teacher, Barbara Thompson, at a boarding house. They married in 1954 and raised their family in Carlsbad while John taught industrial arts in Carlsbad High School for the next 31 years.
John is a "bowyer"—one who builds archery bows; he taught himself the complex technique for building "recurve bows." The first ones were just for himself and Barbara in 1965—just for fun. Forty five years later he is still building bows, now selling them on eBay. Although he has now sold over 200 of his signature bows, in 12 countries, John says, "Its still not a business for me…just a hobby."
John can build almost anything made of wood, but his first urge was to build his own house. This was probably inspired by his mentor in college, "Doc" Blackburn, who told his Industrial Arts students, " build your own house and you will be known much quicker in the community than you will by just teaching." John and Barbara began planning to build their first house as soon as they were married…